The Jomsvikings is a professional stunt team and Viking warrior brotherhood with long experience of many type of events.

Brutal duel with axes

Jomsviking Stunt Film

We produced this film as a sample of what we can do in a minimal amount of time.

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Jomsvikings on stage with Manowar


The Jomsvikings were hired to produce a show for the first Manowar fan convention in 2005. We cut the music, designed and produced the show in only 24 hours.

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A black raven on a Daneaxe

Jomsvikings in Tongeren

The Jomsvikings produced a town festival with 250 participants, including several fighting performances, a historical encampment and specialist craftsman's market.

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Burned shield and swords from the funeral

Ulf-Eirik memorial

This is the ceremony, led by the Jomsvikings, to mark the death of our first Jarl and founder, Philip Burthem. Jarl Ulf-Eirik was the guiding light of the Jomsviking brotherhood from its inception to his untimely death in 2012.

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Intense viking fight in Wolin


Every year since 1994 the Jomsvikings have taken part in the world's largest competetive viking battle.

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Warriors fighting in the fog

The Dark is rising

The Jomsvikings were hired as a special stunt team for the 20th Century Fox film The Dark is Rising, produced by Marc Platt in 2007, working with horses and cooperating with other stunt teams.

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