First formed in 1988, the Jomsvikings are drawn from enthusiasts for the early medieval period: larger than life characters who specialise in recreating the warrior culture of the past and living like Vikings.

Our members are drawn from many different countries and have always been an international force in the modern Viking movement. Authenticity and grit, we don’t just look the part, we are the part.

Over the last 30 years we have travelled to many countries throughout the world, from Iceland to Russia, the US and Japan, taking part in competitive battles and demonstrations. We also have extensive experience in movie, music video and live performance. Our unique selling point is our familiarity with the equipment, our cohesion as a team and thus the speed with which we can work.

No need for special training or equipment, we are equally at home in front of an audience or a camera, live motion capture or corporate events.

If you want warriors, we’ve got them.

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Relation to Jomsborg

The Jomsviking Brotherhood grew out of the Jomsborgelag in 1993 by 5 founder members : Alex Web, Mark Roberts, Philip Burthem, Robin Cowley, Robert Taylor. Today the Jomsvikings is a separate organisation with members from within and outside of Jomsborg, but the Jomsvikings are stil historically connected to Jomsborg. The Jomsvikings are deeply involved in the organisation of Jomsborg as a whole, and take various responsibilities to ensure that Jomsborg runs smoothly.