Events 2017

                                                  Einn skjöldr, eitt bræðralag

Old Norse, one shield, one brotherhood.

There are many events coming up in 2017. Here is a list of the major ones.

If there are any changes to dates or you need to add an event  please let me know,   Grunmark



This is the recommended list of the best events for 2017, in date order.


February 4  EASTSTORM TRAINING February 4th, contact


February 17– 19  The UTLAND TRAINING EVENT in Dallas, Texas,  February 17– 19, will be big this year, with many international visitors.

March 3 – 5   ASK INTERNATIONAL TRAINING March 3 – 5. For Western fighting this is a great training opportunity, I recommend it! 250 fighters last year from all over Europe, great atmosphere. But register soon! Not many places left.


March 3 – 5 KNOX FESTIVAL, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. March 3 – 5. Contact Fathma


March 24 – 26 NORTHSTORM TRAINING March 24 – 26, Schothorst, Holland. Contact Marc

April 21 – 23 FOTEFIGHTING in Foteviken, Skania, April 21 – 23. Huge skirmish weekend in the reconstructed village by the sea. Contact Jimmy: or check Facebook.


April 21 – 23 TITIGNANO, ITALY. April 21 – 23. Southstorm event in a beautiful castle to celebrate the life of Smigle, one of our brothers who died last year. Ceremony, viking trekking, archery and a massive boar roast. Contact Francesco:


May 20 - 21  4th BATTLE OF SUENTANTA, Project Eisenwald, north Germany, May 20 - 21. This is a growing event, with 500 vikings last year, including 190 fighters, horses and archers, founded and organised by Timo from Starigard Lag. A scripted battle, Slavs vs Franks, will be followed by 3 competitive battles and a circle. Last year saw 12000 visitors. Very friendly atmosphere, great location with plenty of space. Contact Timo for more info: or Facebook


June 2 – 5  KMM, Copenhagen medieval market, June 2 – 5.. A massive, varied event, including Medieval and LARP. We will have a strong Jomsborg presence this year. Battle shows in an arena with grandstand seating, and great opportunities to train. Contact Carl to register:


June 9 – 11  NEUSTADT-GLEWE BURGFEST, north Germany, June 1 – 5. Very popular battle, 600 fighters on the field, hard fighting and loads of it!  Huscarl rules, fantastic atmosphere. Well attended by the East Storm, a decisive force on the battlefield. Contact Igor:   Also Marc to register with the Northstorm:


June 9 – 12  THE GATHERING, Corryong VIC, Australia: June 9 – 12.   Cultural event of the Sudhird Lag, strictly authentic camp. Contact Fathma:


July 17 – 23  THE BATTLE OF STARIGARD, north Germany, July 17 – 23. Big show with scripted battles and a great audience. Big market and many visitors, hosted by the Starigard Lag at the Oldenburg open air Wall museum. Contact Starigard Lag


July 17 – 23  THE BATTLE OF TRELLEBORG, Slagelse, Denmark, July 17 – 23. Very big camp, fantastic amount of fighting, all styles, with competive Western style battles at the weekend. Very difficult to get space for a camp, so register EARLY! Contact Marc:


July 24 – 30  MOESGAARD, Denmark, July 24 – 30. This will be the 40th anniversary this year! The ultimate western style battles, preceeded by a week full of training. Beautiful location, huge camp with high authenticity requirements. Difficult to get a place. Register with your Storm.


July 31 – August 6  WOLIN, Poland, July 31 – August 6. Huge Eastern style battles, big Jomsborg presence, amazing encampment and market. Early registration is required!  Contact Igor:


August 28 – September 4  VINLAND 5th ANNIVERSARY ALTHING, Montreal, August 28 – September 4. This will be a big international event this year, with a specially-designed tourist programme for foreign guests.Fantastic location, amazing spirit, enjoy love and bruises with the Vinland Lag! Contact Berg: see facebook:


September 8 – 10  END OF SEASON CAMP, Tirol, Italy, September 8 – 10. Authentic camp in the mountains, fantastic scenery with great hospitality and atmosphere, hosted by the Vargroed Lag. Plenty of fighting! Growing more popular every year. Contact Grimmi:


September 23 – 24 ST IVES medieval fair. St Ives NSW, Australia, September 23 – 24. Multi-period event with good authenticity. More info: .Contact Rowan:


October 6 - 8  THE HIKG BATTLE, southern Germany, October 6 - 8, very big competitive battles with the cream of the german fighting scene, strong Northstorm attendance. Good location and a great atmosphere amongst the warriors. Contact Marc:


October 6 – 8  BUNYIP MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. October 6 – 8.Contact Fathma:


IMPETVS SILVA, also Southstorm training, northern Italy, Date to be confirmed.. Well-attended event in the Italian mountains, full of Southstorm vitality! Great training and hospitality. See Facebook.